WACOM pen nibs?

Obviously a preference in wacom pen nibs will be individual but what are the differences between them? Also how dose one extract that little bugger (the nib) from the pen body?

the “felt tip” nib has more drag and I think makes sketching easier.

Get a set of pliers and pull it out.

I really liked the felt tips at first, but I blew through them so quick, I started using the solid ones and just got used to them. The tip with the little spring in it was too “squishy.” I haven’t checked to see if there are any new kinds recently.

I find I need to adjust the sensitivity more often on my intuos. I would be switching nibs, but I change the feel this way instead. Soft for painting, medium for quick renders, and hard for light sketches, etc.

I use my teeth… :blush:

cool, thanks. I have just been using the stocker that came in the pen (white nylon) I’ll give the others a try.