Wacom n00b issue

Any suggestions on how to get over the feeling of not looking where you’re actually drawing? I’m having a hard time getting used to drawing on the tablet and having to look at the screen. I tried to put paper down over the tablet and sketch over that, but it’s not helping me transition over to the monitor / tablet format.

Yeah, Get a Cintiq…

Ok, ok I’m only partially kidding.

I would recommend just practicing more and more… eventually you will get over it. It took me a little while to get used to it also, but now its like second nature.

Yeah I would love that. But I’m not sure I can get the funding from my boss for that one. :laughing:

Do you think that a particular software might make it a little easier? I’ve been looking at SB pro and it seems a little more intuitive.

Ummm… as far as getting over the disconnect between hand and eye, I wouldn’t say any particular software is going to help…

I do like SB Pro much better for sketching vs Photoshop… its bare bones really, basically its just paper and pencil on your computer…

Real easy to use and you get some nice line quality.

Pick up blind drawing.

Buy a cintiq…

I could use tablets for touchups, renderings, that sort of thing - but I could never get used to actually sketching on a regular tablet like an Intuos. Theres such a disconnect that I feel like you will always end up spending FAR more time twisting your canvas, hitting ctrl+z, and redoing the same line 1000 times then you would if you just drew on paper, scanned, and then retouched digitally.

At least with the Cintiq/tablet PC theres direct hand/eye coordination. It’s much easier to get the right line the first time which makes it more efficient, not less efficient.

Some people have mastered the Intuos, but that way of working just makes my head hurt. I think in a few years when touch technology is more integrated people will look back and say “why in gods name did we use those?”

Give it time. I had the same problem. Me being old school drawings, I got use to it.

If you are using an intuos and PS I’d try the free trials of different software to see what you like. PS is not really grate for sketching, I like corel painter X with my intuos because you can just spin the paper really easily. However SB pro has nicer lines I think.

Yeah we’re a little maxed out on our budget right now so that’s not possible. We’ve been building out an innovation room with some neat little gadgets. So the fact that I’m a mental midget when it comes to this tablet is low on the department’s priorities.

Thanks for the responses guys. I’ll try them out and see what happens.

What is SB pro?


sketchbook pro.