Wacom lenovo laptop


thought this was kind of interesting. Much more powerful than a tablet PC, high res 17" screen, plus a small Wacom digitizer on the palm rest.

Someone posted this earlier.

You could buy any other high end desktop replacement AND an Intuos 6x11" for basically the same price/less. The little digitizer on the keypad is probably nice if you wanted to do small things like photo retouching, but for sketching it’d be all but useless. A regular Wacom is super thin and easy enough to pop in the side pocket of your laptop case then whip out when you need it. At least on the Tablet PC you can sketch on the screen - it’s only real redeeming value.

The rest of the machine seems like it has a lot of nice designerly features like the color matching and Quadro cards - but I question if given how obsolete technology gets if its even worth buying a $3500 laptop anymore.