Wacom Intuos4 + Sketchbook Pro Practise

Hi all,

To start, I’m a design student at Brunel in London, UK, and feel like I really need to get my sketching level up to compete more with my peers etc

I’ve had an intuos4 tablet for a while now but never really got down to using it much, so thought I’d start using it more often and try and do at least 2-3 sketches a day, and use this thread to document my progress.

Hopefully I’ll have enough motivation to keep going for a while.

I’ve started by going through the sketch a days on http://www.sketch-a-day.com/ and hopefully will move on to my own thing from there

Day 1:

Any comments or advice is much appreciated

Decided to have a go at a shoe or two, still getting used to looking at the screen and not my pen :confused:

This detachment of eye to hand is not a good thing to develop sketching skills. You should spend as much time on paper as possible without the disconnect that a tablet and screen requires. Wacom skills are their own thing. This is the time that you build the pathways from your brain to your hands, an abstract technical barrier is only going to make that more difficult.

you should try to work on your linework!

try to not make that much small lines, rather do one longer line that fits the shape of the object (hope you know what i mean). doesnt matter if the first line doesn´t fit perfectly , just sketch another one. try not to be to accurate.
and also take a look at the thickness of your lines. specially on the shoe sketch.

when i started to study i´ve been very worse at sketching but after my first internship it really got better because on some days i sketched 6 - 7 hours a day. still not the best sketcher but i think i can compete well with other students and most important: i can communicate my thougts and ideas.

it is all learning by doing.
keep on posting!