Wacom Intuos2 / 3, A5 / A4

Hi everyone

I’m looking into getting a graphics tablet to do sketches and drawings with (esp. coloring-in). I also use Rhino as my main CAD software, and from the descriptions of the tablets I take that they may somehow enhance the modeling process (in conjunction with the tablet mouse?).
Now I do want to get something decent that will last me three or four years minimum. I have read that A5 boards may be a little too small to draw nice freehand curves on. So although the price is rather high for these (the cheapest I could find was from a french reseller for 400€, while it usually retails for around 600€), I’m hoping to go for A4.
To cut costs I might also buy an Intuos2 from eBay.

I would love to hear any recommendations / experiences on this topic!


sorry, this should have gone in the hardware board…