Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus (Review)

Christmas came early this year.
Bought it this morning at my local best buy. In case you were wanted to go buy one yourself the SKU# 1884014.
Ill post up a more in-depth review later this week.

First Impressions/First 15 minutes
I went from sheer excitement to :confused: within the first 15 minutes of playing with this stylus. I tried the stylus with procreate, bamboo paper, art studio, and adobe ideas. Procreate works best with the pressure sensitive stylus. Although you do get a good range of pressure from procreate, you get zero palm rejection. Bamboo paper claims to have palm rejection but wasn’t 100% reliable. Sometimes it rejected my palm and sometimes it didn’t. Also the pressure isn’t as good as procreate. It seemed to only recognize 3 visible levels of pressure. With Art Studio, I got it to find the wacom stylus and pair it but could not figure out how to get the pressure sensitivity to work. Lastly with Adobe Ideas, I got it paired but did not work with pressure.

Best app with Wacom Intuos Creative Stylus: Procreate
Palm rejection: Only in select apps, supported but not 100% reliable.

If you have any questions or want me to try a specific app, let me know.
I have 15 days to try out this stylus before returning it to Best Buy! :wink:

Pressure Sensitivity Samples

Sketchbook Pro
Pressure: Yes
Oddity: Pressure seemed to only work with the default pencil brush.
Sketchbook Express
Pressure: No

Any support for Sketchbook Mobile?

Just curious, does it work with Paper by FiftyThree? One of my favorite apps.

Pressure in Sketchbook Pro only. Express version does not have pressure sensitivity.

No pressure sensitivity in Paper by FiftyThree.

The stylus performed much better after tweaking the brush settings in each drawing app. By setting the minimum and maximum to its most, I was able to get a better range of pressure sensitivity. Also by tweaking the setting, I was able to get pressure in other tools like eraser, airbrush, etc. that I completely missed in my first 15 minutes.

Here is a quick sketch of a car in sketchbook pro after tweaking the brush settings.
Only one brush was used at one brush size with one color.
Sketchbook Pro - Pressure sensitivity samples

That’s pretty nice, it looks like the tip is the same material as the regular bamboo stylus too which I still think is the best cap-touch stylus on the market.

Now the only part that stinks is I have an Ipad2 and it looks like it’ll only work with the 3.

Did adjusting the brush settings in the various apps affect the palm rejection at all?

Brush settings made no difference on palm rejection. Palm rejection is not supported in sketchbook pro. However I did notice that sometimes if the stylus is on screen first, I can rest my palm. But this is unreliable at best.

I’ll be returning the stylus tonight. After playing with it over the weekend. I realized it was something I did not need at this moment. If you have any last minute requests or questions let me know.