Wacom inkling <3 papersketching

Pretty awesome, and great pricepoint. Only downside is that you cant finish a render with it. Can’t wait to try it out!

Whoa, nice! Wanna see an actual review!

yeah this looks like it could be good. The pen looks a little fat though and “rollerball” than “Bic” in terms of mark making, but this is very, very cool.

I thought it would be live capture :[. I hope it’s as good as this marketing video makes it out to be… I suppose I’ve never been disappointed with Wacom.

Cool stuff indeed. Would have been cool to also use it when you don’t have you rcomputer with you.

i think it would be useful to have on the side with an intuos, start the sketch with this on real paper and then take it to photoshop or illustrator, edit the lines to get what you want and then use the intuos or bamboo or other tablet to render it to a final drawing state

all the while keeping all your working sketches along the way

also, fantastic price point, might have to get one of these to investigate whether its as good as the trailer makes it seem

I am really curious how well managing layers with no real feedback for the virtual/underlying interface will work. Maybe it’ll be great, but that is my question.

I will be buying one based on the price alone.


Very interesting indeed

I had an idea for this a while back based on the way games consoles without remote controls are going. I thought it would be cool to have a little box you calaborate with your piece of paper and you can use any pen to draw and it would appear on the screen. The guys at Wacom have taken it a whole lot further and I like it.

I’d like to be able to see a live view, don’t know if that’s possible with this? And I’d like to know if there are any visusal indications as to what layer you’re on or how you travel between layers?

Maybe I’ll have to treat myself to one and find out.

This seems like a perfect solution for me. I really struggle sketching with my intuos 3. Something between the planar difference between what Im seeing on screen and drawing on the pad really messes me up. Plus I am a huge paper spinner, so the pad causes me issues. Hopefully this will help me out.


Wacom is listening to its customers! Great stuff… I need one!

If the tech works, the main issue will be the quality of the pen itself. If it’s not good to draw with then it’s not going to be enjoyable to use. And if the ink cartridge or refill is a proprietary component, then there’s a good chance they’ll kill us on the price of replacements!

Inkling > Groceries.

I wonder if “black ink pen” will be the only tip option? I would like to be able to use a blue pencil tip, black pencil, red pencil, .5mm, .7mm, switch it out, etc. Depending on the types of paper I sketch on, sometimes pencil is better. They better have mechanical pencil tips!

If not, who wants to get a kickstarter project going on this with me?

I haven’t sketched with a pencil in years…

I hadn’t either. But about a month ago, I grabbed a box of black Verithins and plugged in the sharpener. I had COMPLETELY forgotten how good a razor sharp pencil on paper is. I was still drawing tons, with various felt tips, and Bics, and rollerballs, and Sharpies, and markers, these weird Korean fiber tipped pens, but pencil on paper just feels right. You should try it again.

I keep a couple dozen black Prismas around for when I feel like a pencil. Normally I’m just on ball point and razor point.