Wacom Cintiq rubber rollers marring worksurface

Anyone else have an issue with the Cintiq stand black rubber rollers leaving marks on their worksurface and have you found a fix? I use a Cintiq 22HD Touch and it leaves marks like it was patching out on my desk (doesn’t help that our workstation laminate is white). I contacted Wacom to see if they had a solution or replacement part and they said they didn’t and that I should use something to cover my worksurface.

Did you try a little hack like covering the rollers with a little clear tape? Maybe something like that would work.

I’d thought about tape or something to coat it before, but never tried it. Packing tape worked perfectly for both black roller and front grey glides. Thanks. Carry on… :smiley:

I tried it, worked for me :slight_smile: By the way, have you considered upgrading from DJI Mavic 1 Pro to Mavic 2 Pro? Here’s a list of differences: DJI Mavic 2 Pro vs Mavic Pro: What Drone is Better?