Wacom Cintiq or regular tablet?????

I’ve heard many things pro and con… so what’s better? Wacom cintiq or just a regular ole’ tablet??? I am confused :confused:

regular Tablet. Cintiq is still too expensive

What size tablet would anyone recommend?

a good size is the 6X8. Graphires come in that size now, o it might be a relatively cheap option. However I recommend the Intuos 2. Tablets are very powerful tools. Digital media allow you to sketch verry fast.

That should help me get things sorted out and save me some serious money. Tons of thankx!

i use an A4 size intuos and i glad that i did not by the A5 i planned to. A4 i believe is the best size. A5 is rather small and you do not have the freedom of move and A3 is soooooo big and if you do not have enough space on your desk that is a prob.

good luck! :sunglasses: