Wacom Cintiq 21UX vs 20WSX

Any reason to go with 21ux over 20wsx?

Wich is the best for you? Why?

Buyin’ one in few days…Please help me!!!

the primary difference to me (which isn’t much) is that the touchsensor scroll area is on the front facing surface in the 21 UX and on the Back Surface on the 20 WX. On the 21UX I pretty much had to disable the one on the left and avoid the one on the right as best I can (basically you get into a sketch or rendering then accidentally zoom in or out and it screws up your groove). Have not had this problem AS much with the 20 wx (haven’t even felt the need to disable either strip). The 20 WX also has 4 extra programmable buttons on the front (2 small on each side).

I think the front clear surface on the 21 UX is a little more seamless, but this is only tiny detail aesthetic, and does not seem to effect the function.

The easy part is that either one will do you fine and I really don’t think there is a big enough difference to torture yourself over.

there are 2 other differences- the 20wx is a wide screen, and the panel itself has slightly better specs(it looks better). The other feature that the 21 doesn’t have is the added swap screen button, which is unbelievably handy when you are using dual monitors- you click the button and the cursor/tablet control moves to your primary screen. Maybe they added this function via software update to the 21, but last time I checked it wasn’t a supported function. I would recommend the 20 wx.

I don’t think the additional price of the 21UX justifys it over the widescreen version. We use the 21 at work but if you’re purchasing it yourself I think the 20" is the best bang for the buck.

worry, thought that was an assumed

  • this is really handy, I was only using one monitor when I had the 21UX so I forgot.

good catches…what he said

Which reseller would you guys recommend for purchasing a Cintiq tablet?

I’m an Industrial Designer and am about to buy a Cintiq for work, and I’m wondering if anyone has experience using both that can help? I’ve used the 21ux for around a year, and know it pretty much inside out, but I’ve never used the 20wsx and could use the pearls of wisdom from someone who can compare them through experience.
Any and all help is appreciated.

both look like the same price to me… leme double check

I use the 21 at work and 20 at home–
Same price now–
the 21 is 2 inches taller and is nice to have the extra room but the scroll keys on front is bother some. I had to disable it.

The 20 is good to but the screen gets way hotter than the 21. Has more quick keys (14) and scroll are on rear-nice
Hard choice considering the equal pricing now-----

If space (rotating the 21 is more dificult if backed up against a wall) is an issue then i’d get the 20–

If not, the extra 2 inches is nice–

I have dual displays and one nice thing about the 20 is you can toggle screens- put your toolbars/other windows on the other screen if you run out of space–

I am seriously considering the purchase of the 20" for use in my home studio. (I work freelance) I’ve been trying to read up as much as I can about these tablets. And I have a few questions I hope the experienced users could help me with.

The issue of jitter was brought up, since I’ve never used one before, I was curious what that was. I guess it happens if you draw kind of slow on the 12" Cintiq. I tend to draw slow, but I’ve been trying new techniques lately to build up flow and smooth lines. Mostly a difference in technique. (I currently use a Wacom Intuos 6x8, so I am familiar with tablet use)

I am curious how good the resolution and color is compared to other good quality LCD displays. Is the screen as bright and white and have good color? I use a 23" Apple Cinema display.

I am going more for the 20" because I do want to save space, the bigger 21" is 4:3, and the 20 is 16 x 9 which I realize. From what I’ve read, it might be what you become accustomed to in terms of screen space to work on. So for me , I’m open to either and not used to one or the either.

I did read the comment that the 20" feels warmer. And the comment about zoom buttons and the like on the sides being in the way, I’m not familiar with either the 21 or 20, so I guess I won’t know what that issue is till I try one.

Finally, I live and work in the SF Bay Area. Where can I go to see and try one? I can’t seem to find anything. Any tips for advice for a good reseller is appreciated too!

Thank you very much!

The 20WSX is indefinitely back ordered… Wacom says there’s some mysterious unique part inside it that is no longer in their supply chain.

Oh well! Looks like it’s a 21 for me! (and all of you too at this point).

Sorry to make this as my first post here, but I just ordered a Cintiq 20wsx from a retailer located in Portland, Oregon U.S.A. When I called they had 4 left in stock, and now it’s only three (since I ordered one). Shoot me a PM if you would like to know the contact information of the store that has 3 of the 20wsx cintiqs left in stock. I ordered mine yesterday afternoon.