Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Looks like Wacom are about to launch a smaller version of the their tablet, the Cintiq 13HD. Wacom announces the Cintiq 13HD: a 13-inch pen display with Pro Pen in tow for $999 | Engadget

I’ve been thinking of getting a Cintiq for a while but the larger versions are quite costly. Looks like a good option going for the 13" which is supposed to retail at $1,000 or £749.99 (incl. VAT) and launches in early April.

Do you guys think that the smaller version will be as useful as the larger version for concept work / photoshop or should I save my pennies for the larger version?

I haven’t used this, but the issue I had with the 12WX was the fact that it wasn’t really as portable as a tablet PC, and wasn’t as usable as a big Cintiq. It was almost the worst of both worlds. What they don’t show you here, and didn’t show on the 12WX was the fact that there was an adapter box that took the DVI, power, and USB cables and sent them to the Cintiq.

The issue is that box was fairly large, and the bundle of cables that came with it was massive. So it was a pain to move anywhere, and actually fairly bulky to work with.

If you want the Cintiq primarily for your desk, save your pennies for the 22". If you want something small and mobile, take a look at the tablet PC thread. Wacom also mentioned they’ll be announcing a “Creative” tablet PC in the near future which could be exciting.