Wacom bamboo line

I was just wondering if I should waste my time with one of these. As a student I’m still new to a wacom tablet I was just wondering if it would be worthwhile to get one of these or are they more of a toy? What are the main differences between the Bamboo line and (I guess) the regular wacom line? Any thoughts?

The Bamboo is really aimed more at the amatuer who wants to dabble with pen functionality. I would consider the Wacom and investment and stick with an Intuos (or consider financing a Cintiq).

The beauty of Wacom hardware is it keeps its value and won’t go obsolete as fast as that new laptop you got 6 months ago. Plus if you decide to go with a Cintiq while it costs a ridiculous amount, if you really put yourself into it you can have a pretty amazing sketch collection when you graduate. Getting a job is more important then being broke as a student IMO.

I didn´t want to open a new topic because I have the same doubts…
I would like to know if it´s worth a while to buy a Bamboo tablet? I already use a Wacom tablet at work, but I have no idea what model is (I just know the active area size is 8.2" x 5.9") and the Bamboo area is smaller than that… I would like to buy one to use at home, it´s a good price and it´s what I can afford at moment…
Any advices?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Personally I would steer clear of the Bamboo and save up for a Intuos3 if I was in your situation. The Intuos3 tablets are worth the extra money. The Banboo has 512 levels of pressure sensitivity with a active area of 5.8" x 3.7" for $79.00. If you save up and purchase the Intuos3 4x6 you’ll get double the levels of pressure sensitivity (1,024) than what the Bamboo has with a slightly larger active area for about $120.00 more.

I have the Intuos3 6x8, which is a nice size, but personally would rather have a Cintiq.

I’m in the process of saving myself, I’d suggest you save and wait, it will be worth in the long haul.

My intous 4x6 was around 150, and unless your going to get the cintiq or a laptop that uses wacom tech (the wacom site has a listing of computers that use their parts) I would go for the intous. As was said earlier, the bamboo, while probably much better looking that the others, is actually aimed at the amateur rather than the professional in training.

I’m going to defend my bamboo, i currently am a student and have two wacom tablets, a 9x12 intuos3 and a bamboo fun. I use to bamboo for in studio work and sketching and it’s not too bad, a couple of us have either the bamboo or the bamboo fun. While there’s a noticeable different between the two, but when it comes to portability i love it.