Wacom airbrush pen

I just purchased a Wacom airbrush pen. For some reason, I can’t seem to adjust the opacity of any of my tools in Photoshop CS3 and SbPro 2009 using the adjustment wheel. Wacom’s website was not all that helpful either. If anyone has any experiences or ideas that would be helpful, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Do you have the latest drivers installed?

I seem to remember that pen having limited functionality and only in software like painter. I don’t think Sb Pro supports it although Photoshop might.

The airbursh doesn’t work in SB Pro.

Anyway, I think I know what your problem is - to get it to work in PS, you have to go into your brush settings:

Select brush - Hit F5 to bring up the brushes window - and then under Shape Dynamics etc you change the control to the Stylus Wheel. Ta-Da.

That right?

Ah - that should be correct.

I forgot you can manually control the tablet inputs for different photoshop brushes…it’s been a while since I did a rendering!

Thanks. I can’t believe it doesn’t work in SbPro. Hopefully the future versions will support it.

Doubtful…not even pen tilt is supported.

SBPro was designed primarily for use with tablet PC’s - which didn’t support any of those advanced features. Since Autodesk has been pretty slow in adding any new real features, I think you’d see a lot more things higher on the list then pen tilt/wheel support.