wachout zippy has a soapbox

yup, over at yanko design… :open_mouth:

so Zippy…

wanna share your work? I am really curious…

Great message…horrible editing.

got to figure out how, my portfolio is a half a gig.

oh come on, Zippy,

you keep talking about how you got a gazillion products to market.
name some examples… I am not asking for your whole body of work plus student stuff.

just some products, to see you style and understand a little better where you are coming from.

7zip and torrent it!

link? portfolio? you got give us something. a .5Gb portfolio ? WTF? you got lots of options to post stuff…corefolio, flickr, etc. we don’t want 200pgs at 300dpi! give us 10 at 72dpi to start…


Good stuff Zip, so will you be a regular contributor?

p.s. I’ll send you a flash drive, you file dump, I’ll build you a coroflot. Let’s make it happen Zip. Inquiring minds would like to see

There’s some great advice in there, but slow down with your composition or get someone to proof it. It would be sweet if you could include imagery with your stories so we can see the projects you’re talking about.

zippy has a soapbox

and Janie has a gun. :wink:

Just found the article. Some interesting points, but almost unbearable to read with the typos and grammar. Have an editor proof it, and even do a few drafts first (such as the design process) and it would be better.

Also, going back to the portfolio thing, i think it would help greatly to show what you’ve done to have a better appreciation for your thoughts. Opinions are like a$$holes, everyone has one, but those that have the value of good experiences (ie. not just time under the belt) are the opinions that are really valuable. Without knowing what you’ve done how is anyone supposed to take any value from your opinion?

Anyhow, glad you got your soapbox.


Wow, i did have it proofed, and I thought edited, oh well you get what you pay for. I will put up some stuff, its going to be mostly solo products that went to production or prototype and that required (or ended up) with patentalbe aspects…if thats ok you you.

LOL, wonder wich can do the most damage… :laughing:

By the way, If my Aerosmith reference didn’t say it, congratulations on the gig.