W on transcript will affect employability?

Hi, I’m an ID sophomore at RISD. This might be a stupid question, but I was wondering if getting W (withdrawal) on my transcript will be a factor that hinders me from getting a job in ID field in any way (because employers might see me as a quitter). I’be been told that as long as it’s not a pattern it’s OK and that employers will be more interested in my portfolio than my grades.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated!

You’ll be fine.

Not many employers look at transcripts, just your parents. Employers will tell what kind of designer you are through your work. And Withdrawn is much better than Fail anyway. You can explain that you had a conflict in schedule or something if it really becomes a big deal. Which it likely won’t.

Some employers may ask for it but a withdraw is easily explained.

I had one employer request to see my transcripts to ensure I really graduated and was not lying. This is more common in Corporations and or companies that have HR. They want to ensure they are getting what they expect.

On my transcripts I have a elective class for automotive sketching that I got a 33% I knew I would not pass it but I wanted to surround my self with people who could out sketch me s that i could grow. I explained this to the employer who was looking at it and they understood. Although grades do mean something, failing isn’t always a negative.

Chevis W.

Never had an employer ask to see a transcript, a diploma or even ask what my GPA was.


Not an issue. In fact two of the best designers I know had to repeat on the years of studio and one nearly got kicked out.


I nearly got kicked out (of RISD), I know one who never even finished. Got an awesome internship and never looked back. He finished up remotely like a decade later. Not recommending that, but it shows you how little that matters. It is about what you can do. Have you seen the movie “The Kinds Speech”?

Yeah It won’t matter. It really wont even be a big deal in getting into grad school. However you don’t want to make a habit of it.

Just don’t ever LIE!

If you didn’t graduate say you didn’t graduate. Many design firms are fairly laxed when it comes to certain things via HR. But as you get higher up if you are caught putting false information on a resume or application it will almost surly mean being fired. It falls under the pretense of “if you lied about that what else have you been doing”

And as for the statement it shows how little it matters, I think you might be careful following that motto. as that is one example and there are many examples where it does matter., especially when you are starting out.

No, this will not affect your employability. I hire people and I have never seen a transcript, and the W is easily explained away if you are talented and smart and can communicate well.

Enjoy your time at RISD!

(I went there)

Like many of you I have also never been asked to show my diploma or transcripts. It’s kind of funny to think about since Im sure we all worked our butts off to graduate. In the end it’s about your work, and personality. I’m not even sure when my diploma is.