VW Jetta 2018

Strategically it could be interesting if they push their individual offerings vs having a more consistent brand language approach. IE Jetta goes super mainstream while the Golf, GTI, Golf R, Golf R Performance go hot hatch, and the Up goes super practical city car. Dominate or take meaningful share in each individual segment by making the right product for those users vs create a language and make it work in each segment.

  1. I have a friend who is about 10 years younger than me and a CCS transportation grad. I was telling him how I thought the MkIV Jetta/Golf were some of the greatest car designs ever. He told me that I was crazy.

I think the younger generation will not understand how that MkIV was such a turning point in terms of material quality and visual quality.

  1. The Jetta is a huge disappointment. However, in the current market, maybe there is something to it. The asian makers are going way over the top even at the entry level models. The Americans have some sporty looking designs. Maybe there is a gap for people that want the blandest car design of all time?

  2. Stinger is pretty great. It’s been getting rave reviews for the way it drives too. I think the Hyundai group is really putting it all together now.

Not sure if anyone watches The Grand Tour but the review of the new VW Up GTI makes you think they still know some people long for those cars…at least outside of North America where we all just want Atlas’