VW ID2 shows new design language

VW is showing what it says will be the new design language for forthcoming models with the ID2, a €25,000 EV.

Nice and clean, interior has buttons :slight_smile:


… brought to you by the company busted just a few years ago for shipping 11 million cars with emissions-test cheating software. :see_no_evil: Shouldn’t the new design language include a dunce-cap gesture of some sort?

Front wheel drive. :frowning:

I’d bet there will be an AWD R version that will put a motor in that rear trunk subfloor.

Not a bight point in their history. I had 4 friends that had diesel VWs or Audis that fell into that. Did you get stuck with one?

They had a lot of software issues with the ID4 at launch as well. I think it is hard for some legacy brands to make the switch (though Kia and Hyundai seem fine)… hopefully by the time this comes out a lot of that will be worked out. I guess we will find out with the bus coming soon!

Not just VW - more recently, yes, but it’s not the first time makers have tried to hoodwink the EPA and customers: Not just VW: A long history of cheating car companies - CBS News

We had one of the TDI’s, and went through a lot of work to return it, but VW made it worth our while. Still painful, left a bad taste in our mouth, but I feel they are redeeming themselves with their almost $200 billion investment in electric and AFFORDBALE electric cars.

Willing to give them another shot. Love the Polestar, but not the pricetag!

Now here’s hoping VW gets these less SUV cars into the American market.


digital gauges look fun!


The cassette turns up the 80s Rabbit vibes a smidge.

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same with that 80s gauge cluster. The return of skeuomorphism?

More buttons please, but I like the idea.

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The design IMO looks generic and blank for some degree, because there are numerous new Chinese cars with similar minimalistic dashboard and doors. But who said that it should differs from what customers might like?
But what really kinda strange is the way screens with big wide black bezels sits on top of sleek and refined dashboard. They don’t “float” minimalistically like it was probably sketched :frowning: and the difference in screen sizes and their close proximity to each other make one smaller and another bigger. I really like the idea of unibody honda-e style screen in the car, both for safety (because screen smaller and things closer to each other) and in terms of streamlining the design and usage. Let’s have a nice big screens for back passengers who really deserve this :slight_smile: Imagine this interior without central display - how clean it will look, with just a few great looking buttons in the center console.
Fun fact - asian customers like german cars for their design, that what people talk on the car shows, even when practically they looks the same inside.

The return of skeuomorphism!

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