VW Bus, coming soon since 1998

I know VW has been making bus concepts since the late 90s, but it looks like it might actually happen this time?

I wish it was this design though:/

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Public spotting. I feel like the back works better than the front, at least in pictures.

This is the short wheel base version in monotone. I think we will only get the long wheelbase in two tone but I think this spec looks pretty nice!

The split A pillar seems unusual but it also could be the wide angle lens for the interior shots.
YO, when you saw it in the wild did you have a chance to sit inside?
If so do you remember the split A pillar, did it obstruct your view of the road?

@fraser_frase oh, I haven’t seen it in person myself unfortunately! Those shots were just pulled from a video of someone who did. I feel like there were some minivans in the 80s.90s that had this?

The Chevy Lumina MPV… sometimes called “The Dustbuster”

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That is some A-grade 80s futuristic design!
Looks like VW Australia is hoping to launch the ID Buzz in 2024.
If that goes ahead I think I’ll be seeing a few of them down the surf coast of Victoria.

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looking back on it, it was way ahead of its time… the interior fit and finish was laughable, but kind of amazing that this thing made it to production.


Too bad they never made this concept version:

Somebody proposed a lowered V8 swapped “resto mod” :rofl:

I drive a Citroen C4 Spacetourer with a split A-pillar. The combination with the windshield stretching above your head makes it really spacious, like driving a coach bus or something. Really nice. I now get claustrophobic getting back into a “normal” car. I never felt like it was obstructing the view. The only downside is that it lacks a proper defogging air flow directed to it, and the glass is double curved in a way that makes it difficult to scrape ice. I can live with that.

OnT: I walk by a VW dealership everyday and see these vans. They turn heads, but like all of the VW ID-X designs they just seem so flat, esp the back… it’s like they were designed in ortho views and skipped the clay entirely. If anyone has any angle requests I can snap some photos next time…


Ah, bummer, I was wondering if it would look a little “fuller” in person. Do you think they just overthought it? Or maybe trying to fit it into their current language too much instead of just letting it be the bus? Would love to see any in person photos vs press shots :slight_smile: :minibus:

Probably trying to squeeze the design language with space requirements… I mean, its ok for a van to be a box… but the flatness of the sides and the sharp corner just doesnt do it for me…

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Thanks for posting these.

I wonder how it will do in the market. I’m the US it seems the key demo for it would be nostalgic baby boomers … while super practical for 30 and 40 something’s with kids it might be a hard marketing push to move them off an SUV.

I was at a few VW dealers with my brother who was shopping for a GTI (don’t worry, I convinced him to wait for the right EV) and both VW dealers only had 1 GTI on their lots. The rest of the lot was SUVs other than just a couple of Jettas.

The placement of that battery door hurts my eyes. Not to mention those stupid vents looks like the stick on ones…

They should totally bring the Lumina van back. And the Aerostar. And The Previa.

As is (but with new running gear).

+1 for Previa re-release.


-100 for stanced wheels

We have a neighbouring family still runing a gen. one Previa as a sidekick. It once upon a time was the family truckster. But 30 years (30 odd years!) on I wait for the kids to fight over that Previa to bring the grandkids to school…

Those were always great, never really cheap and the Toyota durability meant, that this garaged example is only aged by the 90ies surf stickers and a slightly rusty peashooter exhaust.

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US launch:

and Autoblog wrote a similar story as the beginning of this topic :rofl: