VW Blue Sport Roadster

Volkswagen Blue Sport Roadster
If I can’t get a new Karmann Ghia, I would take this, even if it is a turbo-diesel.

lmo: That is the best repost I’ve ever seen. :wink:

oops… … my bad! I just re-searched and found yo’s post lodged in Detroit Auto Show thread :blush: :blush: :blush:

go ahead and delete this MR.


It’s all good. I heard this was greenlighted for production… then put on hold. Too bad. Beautiful interior.

That seems to be common lately with VW. They’ve shown this same mid-rear engine concept for a few years now. Each time it gets a little closer but never makes it to production.

I was really hoping this GX3 would have made it through. They had set up agreements with Lotus to develop the frame. Ohhh sooo close.

I haven’t heard any rumours…but…Porsche has to start making cleaner cars to meet EU regs. They’ve confirmed a four cylinder Boxster for the next gen. Maybe a new entry level car would help too. Now that they are merged with VW…who knows!

Is that a gearknob? Have we seen it on any production cars? Of course with automatic it shouldn’t matter much for function, but I’m still a bit skeptical to feeling, esp on a sportscar/roadster

engio: Good point. Jag has a circular gear selector now. I recently read some complaints about it during three point turns. It’s apparently difficult to quickly switch into the gear you want. Very cool looking though.