Who’s responsible for coming up with the Vuvuzela?

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Nicely done. I’ll counter with this:


i’m looking forward to Scotland hosting a cup so we can listen to thousands of plastic bagpipes.

:open_mouth: :laughing:

I <3 the Vuvuzela!

Honestly it can’t be as annoying as people make it out to be. I saw video of a bunch of fans blowing those things, and there were people easily talking on cell phones right next to them. If you can talk on the phone, it’s probably not that bad.

someone just came past me on a rowboat blowing one - you know its gone viral when even the boatmen of Londons canals have 'em!

I have to say, when your team is down 2-0 at the half, the vuvuzela is really annoying!

I don’t like it at all. I miss hearing all the chants from the fans around the world. The noise level is constant even at the most crucial parts of the game which is disappointing. Yes, one vuvuzela might not be that “annoying” but 25,000 sure is.

You just knew this had to be an American invention

anyone know how/where I can get a vuvuzela ring tone without paying some stupid fee, or signing up for some calling list?

Hmmm…I was hoping for one that sounded more like the stadium…50,000 vuvuzelas, not just one :wink:

use audacity and make it yourself? or garage band?

that ringtone killed my ear. damn headphones

Ah sorry, I actually found some of those before this one, just google vuvuzela mp3

check the vuvuzela version of core77

That was great!!