vulcanized vs cold cemented

Hi Everyone
I think I am forgetting, but is cold cementing the fake looking vulcanized? The one that still has foxing / is not a cupsole?
Can someone explain to me the difference?

Thank you


Technically speaking, just about any non vulcanized (sometimes called autoclaved) shoe construction is cold cement including cup soles, cut and buff EVA, compression EVA, and injection EVA. But usually saying “cold cement” refers to the simulated vulcanized construction. It is usually a little greener, and non-vulc factories can do it. So can be a benefit if you have other projects in a non-vulc factory. Also can be a little more durable. A good factory can get to be almost indistinguishable from vulc. It never has the hand made charm of vulc though because the laying of the uncured rubber and then autoclaving it process just leaves a little something extra. It also shrinks the shoe to the last more which is nice.

Short answer: yes.