How is the ID program at VIrginia Tech? I am currently an ID student at RIT and thinking about making a move.

Just curious, why are you thinking about leaving RIT? Especially for VT, I would think of it as somethig of a lateral educational move.

Last year, I hosted a presentation/workshop at both schools. Based on student skills and reaction to my presentation I have to agree with Yo. VT might have a slight edge on sketching skills right now.

In terms of curriculums and overall learning I think both problems are very similar. As a VT grad with an RIT fiancee I would say the biggest differences would probably be in tuition (VT is about $8k cheaper a year as of writing) and temperature.

Both will give you a good education with solid foundations in real execution.

I have been in the program for two years now and i can tell you that the professors here are great, They all have special interests and skills that help you become a well rounded designer. I used to be a biology student and transitioned into ID and i believe that the structure of the program has helped me understand what it is to become a great designer.

Definitely know and know of many solid designers coming out of both programs. If the factors CD brought up are important in your decision, or there is a larger variable you have in mind,and any of them outweigh the complexity of transfer and so on then maybe it’s worth considering, but otherwise I’d say stay in the boat you’re in and focus on the river and not the other boats.

does VT still have an ID faculty of only 4 or 5 people?

when i graduated in may, there were six but they were talking about hiring another. i don’t know if they ended up doing that or not.

There are 5 full time ID professors and 2 adjucts last time I checked, but keep in mind the Industrial Design program first year is a joint studio with architecture students, so your first two studio professors will be pulled from the pool of over 30 arch professors. That means you’ll most likely have each professor once for studio plus whatever electives they teach.

Plus they are good professors. The only professor I ever had qualms with during my time at tech is now out of the ID department.