vs. Current employer

This issue as been bugging me for quite a few days now…

I am currently employed as a graphic designer and have been there for 2 years.
Been quite happy but thinking about moving on.
Current boss does not know about this.
In my CV I will be mentioning, of course, my current job, company website and all for latest portfolio preview.

Was planning to ask for discretion while visiting the office website so interested employers would not start posting question e-mails to my boss.
That would get me in a f***** up situation…

What do you think?
Are people very eager/crazy to immediatly start checking CV background and screw me?
Will that only happen on a more advanced stage of job application?
Or should I be assured and expect some restraint?

1.In a normal situation, the new employer will not call or
post question to your company untill they are really
interested in you or they are hiring a top management
level of employee.
A job posted may has hundreds of application, there is
no way for them to question all these candidates.

  1. As an employee, you have the right to quit from any
    company that you are working for, so this is a very normal
    situation where you must get a new job before you leave
    your current one. No employer will screw you up just because
    you are looking for a new job. Unless, you intend to leak some
    confidential information to your potential new employer.

  2. i can see that perhaps you do not have a reason to change
    your job, and you feel comfortable with current one.
    I think you should make yourself very clear if you would like to
    leave, otherwise, stay and work hard.

just tell them your situation and let them know that references are avaliable upon request

Thank you for the advices.

You are right Seedless, maybe I should go forward and tell them.
It’s just that I wasn’t sure what to do…
And of course a new employer would not call to all candidates, how stupid of me.
Guess I was just being over-neurotic about it…

I’ve been OK there.
But office mood changed a lot since a couple of co-workers left.
I was close to them and suddenly all the joy went away.
Know what I mean?

And thank you Guest.
References upon request is also a great advice.