Vray rendering in Max

Hi everyone,

I’ve heard quite a few people talk about the Vray renderer in Max and was wondering if anyone could describe to me what it was and how to obtain it?
Is it simply a plug in or a seperate programme?

I only currently use max for rendering, and model in Solidworks.

Any advice would me much appreciated :smiley: Thanks


http://www.chaosgroup.com/software/vray/ check this

its plugin, working directly in 3dmax enviroment, you can obtain it by buing it

asgvis.com offers a free 30 day trial
has some great tutorials

give it a shot and see what you think

Great results, but a pretty steep learning curve in my opinion.
It seems to do particularly well with glass/transparent materials.

the asgvis plugin is for Rhino 3 and 4, not 3d max. The plugin from Chaos Group is for Max.

I think Rhino handles imported geometry from other Cad packages better than max, but my max experience is a bit limited.

The max version of Vray has a lot more materials available for download though asgvis is working on a translator for the Rhino version to use max materials. The one that exists now only works if you already have Max.

The learning curve is a bit steep, but the results are really nice, and quicker than Maxwell. If you know other renderers, you shouldn’t have many problems.

awesome thanks guys, i’ll check it. so basically i should expect to have to pay something and learn new techniques?

Vray is a plugin for MAX. It’s build around GI (global illumination). The software is designed to be easy to use, and has it’s own textures and lights. It also has high-end features like blurred reflections and caustics. Some people find the lighting and materials creation in Vray quicker and more intuitive than in the standard MAX scanline renderer or Mental Ray.

True, originally for Max. Now also for Rhino 3 and 4 courtesy of asgvis.


Its awesome.