Vray installation process: How not to do it.

Disclaimer: I apologize in advance about possible foul language and other forms of discontent aimed at this software and it’s developers.

Not long ago I pulled the trigger on a licence for aforementioned rendering package (RHINO). Having heard much good things, and very few bad ones, I naively thought it would be a relatively safe buy.
So after downloading files and getting dongles, I open the installation instructions PDF, and carefully began what would become the most frustrating process ever.

My question is; what ever happened to Install>Next>I accept>Finish?

During this installation process I have uninstalled C++ packages (what ever they are?), downloaded and installed older versions of it, tried connecting to servers (localhost anyone?), reprogrammed dongles and what have you. I have also tried asking for help in the Chaos Group forums to which I have already registered, but apparently I cannot post to these forums without filling another sign-up form!
I might not be technically the most advanced being on the planet when it comes to computers, but I have used them for quite a while, and it amazes me, that in this day and age, installing software almost gives you an epilepsy attack as a result!
I still can’t get my head over the fact that as industrial designers we seem to be working with tools that are understandable only to rocket scientists.
All I want is to make a nice rendering without having to connect to a goddamn server or something. So fuck this shit. My dongle is going in the trash, I’m off to KeyshotShop.