VRAY AND RHINO_ How to make nice rubber ?

I have been trying for many days, to make a rubber material in VRAY for Rhino … but I havent got that realistic look yet. I am using Michas starterkit with HDR.
Can anyone tell me how to make a nice white little see trough rubber.

Kind a like this, less transparent more white, less rough.

anyone ?

translucent, milky, frosty plastics/rubber are pretty hard to get, even in HS. If you don’t have it after a few days, do 2 renders, 1 clear, and 1 with an opaque frosted finish and PS them together.

thanks… yes… I went to every page I could find on google and searchme… nothing showed up realistic… I will try your trick… I got it to work the best with a material that emits, reflects and refracts… : )

I have a material that I could send you once I get home. Also, be sure to check out asgvis.com. they have materials there that may work for you. I know that someone in the forum had a link to a web page with over 400 materials.

Thanks… I would like to get your material… I checked the asgvis.com page, but did’nt find much of use… there’s only a black rubber… thats not too nice