VPs of 2 cubes at different angles?

How do you draw 2 cubes that are at different angles, in 2 point perspective?

If the 2nd cube is rotated, both its VPs will change. The 1st VP can be set anywhere, but how do you work out its 2nd VP so that it gives the correct perspective?


Google searched “sketching rotated cubes” and found this from Pratt’s ID Sketching course website:


That is one badass explanation!

Thanks for that Dino. I hadn’t come across it before.

Also, if anyone knows of a quicker method that doesn’t require drawing a ‘base reference’ cube first, I’d love to hear.

That is one badass explanation!

Indeed it is… it always seems to come down to ellipses. Where was that explanation in 1969… … when I needed it?

That should come with practice. Drawing the reference enough you’ll start to see it without needing to draw it. It’s always good to have some references though, just to keep things in check.