vote::best portfolios

We’ve all seen the postings for best design firms, etc. How about
the best individual work by designers we’ve never heard of.
In other words…not Behar, or Rashid.

scott wilson–probably heard of but great stuff

tommy forsgren–think i saw his link on here once-great work

daniel forsgren–related?? either way great work too

yo-doing good stuff

more later…

Feng Zhu …
This guy has some industrial design education,
but works mainly in entertainment concept design.
(I think he’s currently working at Skywalker Ranch)

Some incredible ideas and drawing skills nonetheless:

You may or may not be farmiliar with Herald Belker. He has produced concept cars for Minority Report, Batman, Spider Man and others. It seems he has also done work for Hummer and Mercedes Benz. I also thought it was interesting that produced product development for Hydropak and E-bike.

It seems he recently redesigned his website. I guess his previous version made it too easy for individuals to download large format images, and had issues with copyright infringement from visitor to his site…

I know I dig it.

best coroflot portfolio?

Thanks for the props above, I didn’t think I would make the list.

Now to return them, some of my favorite corefolios at the moment:



fellow sketchaholic:

a little bit of eveything:

soft goods:

It’s great to see some new names here. Very inspiring!!

I forgot this guy:

a lot of real world all around work…

…and he’s in China…

yeh he sure is, an ex-Astro with Nike Triax and Ipaq under his belt. now design director at Motorola China division. doing good so far, even has a good out with complete collection of his sketch and design works. he’s a Taiwanese BTW.

oops, book out…, not good out, sorry.

it must be me but this stuff all looks the same and the same as a the year before and the year after. i don’t see much differencve between design and fasion art when I look at this stuff.
yes it’s exectuted well but whats more important is understanding trends and direction, not repaeting the normal “cool” but establishing the next step.

then again. i could be wrong, I usually am.

Personally I prefer to see more on problem solving and ergonomics related things.

A balance of both good blue sky stuff and real world success’ is what makes portfolios credible…IMHO

remember our forefathers…

how bout these dudes.

John Maeda John Maeda
Jasper Morrison Jasper Morrison | Home
Tibor Kalman Tibor Kalman |

content incorporated into aesthetics

Didn’t see much in the way of aesthetics on the John Maeda site, a lot of well written theory though, nice stuff

Didn’t see much in the way of content on the Jasper site, some well styles toasters though…

Thanks for all the posts. I love the Carl Liu site.

I agree that so far it seems like there are a lot of shoe or car guys. Is there anyone notable in the trenches of the everyday product world, ie. coffee makers, etc.?

To me it seems tougher to make products sing from an aesthetic and content standpoint when you’re designing for the big box stores. Maybe I’m just venting…

Also, most of the “who’s who” in ID seem to have the same projects(and the same companies) in their portfolios:

  1. shoes
  2. cellphone
  3. chair
  4. laptop(or PDA)

I’d love to have projects like these in my portfolio:!…:o)