Vortex lamp


Here is a lamp I’ve been working on for some time.

Concept : "In the design of the Vortex shade, light is perceived as a fluid emerging out of a void. The soft curve of the wood generate a smooth transition of light from the inside to the outside of the enclosure. The subtle yet precise rhythm of lines burned into the wooden veneer allows for the bending of the piece but also act as a filter that diffuse light playfully. These lines of light projecting a celestial sky will seem to follow smoothly one who walks around the object creating a warm visual and tactile experience.

This lamp stimulates dreams, but it also appeals to our mind and knowledge. A simple piece of plywood bent over as a result of the subtraction of its own grain, revealing, at the same time, the full potential of wood as a design material."

The shade is made out of a 1/8 inch sheet of russian veneer of 22X10 inches. A laser cutter is used to burn with the utmost precision a repetitive sequence of 0.25 by 14 mm holes spaced to 1.8 mm thereafter enhancing the flexibility to the material and allowing the junction of the two ends of the shade.

I am still working on the fixture detail that is quite difficult to assemble. For now, the 3-pin spider detail seems to work, but in the end, it is not tight enough. I search for better alternative like a nice metal ring on sites such as Grandbrass but couldn’t find what I wanted. If you have any clues I’d be glad to hear. I am more into architecture than design.


More photos!