"Volvo" Polestar 1 Hybrid car

I’m digging this thing. Kind of like a mustang and an Audi s5 had a Scandinavian baby.

Nothing ground breaking, but clean, well resolved, nicely proportioned, and well surfaced with some nice detailing. It doesn’t want to be different, it wants to be good, and I like that.

I agree. It’s in a direction that most are not going …restrained, non-aggressive, non-robot-spaceship looking… actual surfaces and panels with no toy-like Iron glowing bits.

Too bad it’s super low volume (500) and the Polestar (not Volvo) brand make it relatively a non-thing as far as actual cars people will see/buy go.


Funny you say that - the designer of another recently released Volvo - XC40 - has said interviews that he was inspired by the latest stream of sci-fi films, and that he wanted to make the XC40 “a tough little robot”. Albeit the form language is the same as the Polestar. I love most of it.

I don’t quite get the new brand thing though. OK if it was totally new to represent electric and target Tesla. Except it’s not - Polestar has been Volvo’s equivalent for AMG or M-series for years now. Why place a whole new body type under a new brand, that still looks like very much like a Volvo?

Saw this last night and love it. It’s so rare to get something so clean feeling these days. Even the new A5 has a few too many power bulges and creases, it lost what made the old A5/S5 so timeless looking.

Those Volvo headlights make anything look good frankly. I have a bit of design lust over the new V90 & XC60, I just don’t know that I can stomach the price they ask for a 4 cylinder engine (even if it does put out 400HP in top guise).

I agree. The only reason I can think of is that maybe Polestar is still an independent company and they struck a deal with Volvo to build this car which is clearly a production version of the coupe concept Volvo did last year. It still seems odd that the Volvo brand would not have been part of that.

Totally agree. I had a 2012 S5. I loved that design and would never even consider the new one with its exaggerated bulges and racked on silver trim on the front fenders.

I also love it, but I will admit I wish it had a little more Volvo character.

Maybe Volvo hasn’t communicated it so well, but this is how it works:

Polestar is no longer a performance line, like AMG etc…, Instead it is going to be it’s own brand under volvo. (and volvo is under geely). The tuning company known as polestar has nothing to do with the new Polestar, volvo basically took the name to start its own brand. Don’t expect to see polestar branded volvo cars. https://www.polestar.com/

What we knew as polestar, the racing division, is called cyan racing, or sometimes called “cyan polestar racing”. http://www.cyanracing.com/

One more brand under the Geely umbrella…

The branding seems a little complicated. It looks like a Volvo. But either way, I’d rock it. As a former Audi S5 driver, I’d much rather take this over the new S5!

This thing is beautiful. All the new Volvo vehicles are. Their latest VBL is so elegant. I’ve been seeing a LOT of XC’s around the city lately–not sure if I’m just noticing them because I like them so much, though.

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