VmWare or Parallels

For you mac guys which do you prefer and why? I’m buying a macbook pro soon and would like either of these for running windows. I’m thinking this would be a better option than running bootcamp.


It’s only a better option if you want to sacrifice performance in the name of 1 environment.

If you need to run non-intensive apps I think running parallels would be fine. But if you’re planning on cranking on any kind of serious CAD work I would just dual boot with Bootcamp, otherwise you’re really going to be hurting on resources.

I like vmware for windows, though from what I hear Parallels beats Fusion on the OSX side. Bootcamp is still a lot better though.

Does bootcamp instantly switch, or is it a shutdown/retart/load/wait/blah deal each time you want to swich?

Shutdown restart. You’re essentially dual-booting your computer, the same way you would on a PC if you were running Windows XP and Vista at the same time.

I’ve tried 'em all.
I second cyberdemons post that for rendering and CAD, bootcamp is the way to go.
What is important though is that you make sure that you can access ether partition from the other one.
My work flow is CADding it up in solidworks and rendering it out, then I reboot and put it into presentations in OSX.
works great!

after posting I started reading everything I could around the forum’o’sphere(word?) and it looks like for running anything serious should be done through bootcamp and not a virtual envm’t. With boot camp you still need a version of xp or vista though. Is there any preference there between each one and their versions, Home vs Pro, etc.

Looking forward to the tax-free holiday and my new mac

XP is better than Vista if you want to be productive. Less memory usage of the OS means more memory for your Apps.

Home vs Pro (on XP) - Home is fine if you’re not worrying about joining a domain or a corporate type network.