Vizcom, AI Sketch Enhancer

Many other YouTube videos, lots of facile but dreadful shoes. In the hands of amateurs, the new tool yields superficially finished-looking, but amateur results. Having played with it for a few hours, the potential awaits.

The question is if the tool is sharp enough to cut the designer’s intent.

Superficially interesting, geared toward gloss over substance, but changing the output inclinations are possible.

Hyper magic eight-ball, Sorcerer’s Apprentice thrill. The mainlining, straight to the glossy render misinterprets what design is about, but…

It will evolve quickly.

3D model upload! Will post trials.


This is pretty cool. Going to have to rewatch and dig into it.

I like that it’s probably the AI application I’ve seen that most closely emulates the iterative traditional design approach. The “giant canvas with variations” looks just how my Illustrator files look when I’m doing graphics or my Studio wall with taped up concepts.

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The “reference image” section is quite interesting if you upload your own work as the target image. Multiple images can be uploaded, and a slider scale of the influence for each.

This gives much more control over the output.

Edit: It also allows one to very directly plagiarize another designer’s superfical “style”, getting around the restriction controls on other image generators.