Visualizing the design process

Hey everyone. The end of the year (and beginning of the new year) is always a great time for reflection. One of the things I was tossing around in my mind was a visual on the design process, as what we do is not necessarily linear in nature. It does however follow a rhythm as we close in on a final solution and I wanted to create something to help me explain what may seem like chaos to the uninitiated.

Wondering if any of you have done something similar and what has worked or hasn’t worked for you?

Funny, I was having EXACTLY this same thought today. This is awesome!

I think this is a great representation, i have several variations on this that i use to help people understand that it is not a linear process and that once you complete say research that you don’t just check a box and never go back to it.

I wont hold you awkward line work against you that strangely makes me very uncomfortable :wink: (wanna fix it before i post this to my linked-in profile)

Thanks Yo. This is rad.

might want to remove the 'R" in feedback… unless you were inventing some design jargon for unsolicited feedback =)

Good catch! Thanks. Not sure how spellcheck missed that!