Visual thinking

= Visual learning.

It’s interesting to see a meaningful chart or diagram.
I thought of sharing a few here.

Dan Saffer, Thomas Gläser

If you are adding any, kindly give the credit & link to the origin.

Liz Sanders

© Grant Snider

“Scandinavian” methods?

Participatory design …Its origins are generally traced back to work done with trade unions in several Scandinavian countries in the 1960s and 1970s [2]. Participatory design attempts to involve those who will become the “users” throughout the design development process to the extent that this is possible. A key characteristic of the participatory design zone is the use of physical artifacts as thinking tools throughout the process, common among the methods emanating from the research-led Scandinavian tradition.

Even many things here are a little heavy for me. However, I am glad that I have been to many places on the chart. :smiley:
Many of us may not agree with all thoughts in the VT. However, they are a good trigger of the visualizing broadly.
They are not the end result but an interpretation of creator’s understanding.