Visual Form Language

Looking for a good resource to help educate on what and how to define visual form language

i.e The product should look durable

  1. Steps for defining Durable
  2. How to identify Durable
  3. Understanding the phycology behind how people perceive durable
  4. How to execute durable into a form and define its DNA
  5. how to apply that DNA to a product

My goal is to help educate a younger designer on these steps which I will walk them through based on my experience and learning, but i also want to provide him with other materials so that he can learn and build on the foundation that I provide to him.

You’re describing a VBL (Visual Brand Language) effort, which typically is a customer centered, lengthy, strategic effort that requires research, analysis, synthesis, etc. etc. Typically pretty costly and time consuming. Also very valuable if done well.

If you just want to make something look durable, do some quick research/benchmarking of other products the target market would consider durable and emulate those physical traits in some sketches of the widget. Throw them at the wall (i.e. focus groups, interviews, etc.) and see what sticks…

Just my $0.02.

You are correct, but i am trying to help an individual learn the process (a road map to help guide them) and i can walk them through the process (but i don’t have the time to devote to the en-devour do guide him properly) but i didn’t know if there where any books or resources that dived deep into the how too side of things.

this came up previously, though more focused at establishing a vbl and less at the process of applying it:

The Ziba/Kitchenaid example is a bit literal and doesn’t include much of level of detail you’re looking for, but it’s a start at least.

This thread might be quite helpful

I used some of the presentations quoted there, yo’s steps and the video from thecuster86 to define the process of creating a brand language for my company.

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