Visual Comm. portfolio

this is my first attempt at webdesign so be kind…

i’ve almost finished my last year in a graphic design course in australia and am about to go job hunting…

this is just a preview of some of my work employers/clients may see in my folio
(website isn’t finished)

you have to type all of it to work…

feedback appreciated

A few things

dont use flash…as most people arent going to sit there for a minitue waiting for your website to download, i’m on a 2mb connection and its taking a while.

Personaly I dont like hidden interfaces for portfilo sites…there confusing and anoying, overall bad UI

The size of you images are tiny compared to the rest of the site

I’m not sure how well it works for a portfolio site, but I really like it visually. It has more of the feel of an experiment than a portfolio right now, which may be what you are going for. Love how everything just works with no real verbage.

I love the look of it, but I think the other comment is right on. Its a bit too abstract. What if you added some type somehwere that appeared when you roll over each red spike?

Also, the type face chosen for your bio could be better–while I love a good modern serif, the hairlines are getting lost, making it appear a bit fuzzy and hard to read. Explinations or context woudl really improve it as well. You have some really great work, but its frustrating to now know what you were thinking when you were designing it. I have always been told that people will hire you not so much for the work that you hvae done, but for the thinking that you are capable of. For all they know, your professor spoon fed you those designs, you know? (I know this probably isn’t true, you are obviously creative, based on your site deisng, just pointing out something that my professors always remind me of) Some discussion of your process or the context of the work would be really interesting.

I do like the idea of a strictly image based site, but in this case, it makes it hard to communicate what you need to communicate to get a job, etc.