visual brand language book

Hi all,
I don’t know whether its the right post in this thread, but here it goes.

Does anyone have a good book about product design language / brand design language?
basically that teach or explain the reason of certain product design language or visual brand language.

Thanks in advance

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler is the go-to book.

Brand Design by Ruud Boer is also not bad, it helps you think about brands and their role within companies. I don’t know if it has been translated to English.

DBI by Alina Wheeler seems to be more graphics based. Is there a good one out there for form?


I’ll second DBI by Wheeler. Pretty much lays it all out at your feet.

As for covering “form”, technically it does so, at least in the 2D realm. But there is absolutely no reason not to steal the branding principles in the book and apply them to 3D form. It would take very little effort.