Visting Sweden...

I’m currently in Sweden, and will be heading to Stockholm in a week. I’m interested in what “design hotspots” I should visit. I’m particularly interested in industrial design, architecture, and graphic design.


Maybe not what you were thinking of, but I would totally check out the vasa museum. It’s a great story. I believe it was Sweden’s largest warship to be built at the time, and it sank as it was leaving the harbor. (too top heavy!)

I’ll think of some other spots, but you will find great design shops just by walking around…

Just wanted to point out that the vasa museum can be a large tourist attraction…so if you were looking to avoid that…

There are a couple of design universities around… Umea in the North, one in Stockholm, Lund, and Gothenburg too. Sony-Ericsson are in Lund too.

If you go over to Copenhagen, you might be able to visit Copenhagen Suborbitals, a startup private manned sub0rbital spaceflight company. I was through there last week and totally meant to stop by… next time

In Stockholm are actually several well known and respected design schools such as Beckmanns, Konstfack (where I did my masters), Malmstens and Berghs for Graphic design. These are most likely closed over the summer though.

This goes for most businesses as the months of July and August are the big vacation months here.

I second the Wasa museum, it is quite astonishing as the water had preserved the wreck in great condition.
Otherwise, the areas of Sodermalm, Ostermalm and Kungsholmen are great to explore.
Stockholm is not very big and equipped with a map, you’ll be able to cover quite a distance in relatively short amount of time. Also, as Stockholm is built on islands, a bout ride, as corny as that sounds, is a great way to explore and see Stockholm.

Try to get hold of some seafood if you can afford it. It is amazing. Unfortunately, going out to eat and drink is quite expensive so you might want to go to the nice places right away as it is expensive everywhere.

If you got any specific questions, feel free to PM me anytime.

Umea is very far away from Stockholm, and really anything else too. The Wasa Ship is super neat. It’s been a very long time since I lived there, so I would say hit a book shop and get the wallpaper city guide. Also If you can hit Copenhagen, Goteborg, Karlstad, there are fun things to do and see. I lived in Vasteras and there is a large american car show there in the summer, I don’t know when exactly.

The National Museum in Sthlm has an ID exhibition with some nice stuff I think 50s-00s or so. Not far from there you have Moderna Museet, which is the museum of modern art. Another one is Fotografiska, they have cool photo exhibitions.

A really touristy thing to do in Sthlm is to walk down the Drottningatan (Queen’s street). It will take you from the Central station past the “Castle” and the Parlament, through the amazing Gamla Staden (Old town), and then with some navigation to Södermalm (hipster area, subway: Medborgarplatsen)

If you make it down to Gothenburg: “Röhsska museet” have an ID exhibition. You could also visit the Volvo museum in Gothenburg, and the SAAB museum in Trollhattan 80km north of Gothenburg (SAAB have all the concept cars and other rarities on display).

Perhaps a little late here, but i could also suggest you visit one of the stores DesignTorget. Its of course a shop, but if you are wandering around town it is worth popping in. They usually have some interesting stuff, and the core idea of the stores is to promote good design. I dont work with them (i promise) just thought it was a tip a little different from the usual museum and gallery ones. Enjoy your stay in Sweden in any case! I have lived there for nearly ten years now (currently in Södertälje just outside Stockholm) and it is a great place.