Anyone use a Vistablet? And if so do you like it? Thanks

Haven’t heard of it until now, but it’s got some mixed (and mostly negative) reviews on

Frankly I believe if there WAS a better alternative to the Wacom then people would have flocked to it by now. But it seems that through great drivers and good patent protection Wacom has really nailed down their product market and the alternative brands like Genius and others just haven’t been able to act as a viable alternative.

My suggestion would be to splurge on an Intuos and consider it an investment that will retain its value and last several years.

Cyberdemon is right, after thinking long and hard about the Wacom (in my case Cintiq) technology versus TabletPC (or your case, Vistablet), I’m going with the Cintiq. It’s proven technology that can’t be matched, even with a Wacom penabled TabletPC. Spend the extra money on an Intuos, if you have to look on ebay or craigslist.

I have a large wacom introus that I bought new, I just never liked working with it. I was looking for something that I could do right on the tablet, like Cintiq)

Invest in your tools!
It’s worth more than splurging on a fun gadget.


What are you using, TabletPC or Cintiq?

My problem is that the larger Cintiq’s are not portable and I’ve also heard bad things about the 12wx i still haven’t been able to find out if it’s better to get the 12wx w/ my current laptop(approx 1 year old) or get a tabletPC.