Vista or XP to Run Rhino

Hi guys,
I just popped my cherry.

Question, I am going to be installing bootcamp this weekend and eventually VMware fusion on my 24" 2.8GHz iMac 2GB to install Windows to run Rhino. I was planning on using VMware when I don’t completely need the entire processor and using bootcamp when I really need the power. Is this good logic?

Also, should I install XP or Vista? I will need to get virus protection as well…Is there anything free that will work?



whose the lucky lady?

as for virus protection i would go with trojans

haha great reply!.

Personally, id go for XP (there’s too much flashy crap in vista which takes up ram/cpu/gpu resource)

as for an antivirus try googleing AVG - its a great AV (one of the top reccomended on lifehacker) and its free

As for your bootcamp VMWare affair, i think that sounds perfect

hope this helps

First of all, I would consider upping your ram. 2gb is just barely enough if you’re planning on running multiple apps at once in Windows (though things should run smoothly in OS X.) I’ve been using XP 64 for my modeling/rendering machine, and it works just fine. It’s a little annoying sometimes because companies don’t always write code compatible with XP 64 (e.g. I have to use an old version of iTunes/QuickTime), but if you’re only using it for modeling, Vista won’t have any benefits for you. For virus protection, I’ve been using one I got for free off of, and it works very well. I think it’s called AVG.

i also agree with upping your RAM its cheap as chips nowadays

Once you buy a typical workstation class computer for 3D apps, you have enough horsepower for Vista – and Vista is the future. In fact, I have found Vista more stable than XP and vastly superior in security, networking ease, and features such as the ‘start menu search,’ a simple, yet ‘how did I live without this?’ kind of thing.

One quick example: I was setting up a new wireless network and had two laptops, one with XP and one with Vista. The XP networking took 30 minutes of tweaking and poking around to get working; the Vista wizard worked in less than 2 minutes.

The advice to get 4 GB of RAM is correct. In fact, a rapidly growing number of workstations are now shipping with Vista 64-bit to access more RAM and provide even more future-proofing. The news from SIGGRAPH was that the 64-bit OS has just reached a tipping point; it jumped from 2% to 20% over the last quarter. So, XP and, to some extent, 32-bit, are old news.

I have to agree with the vista, I run rhino every day at work on my vista laptop, and I never have any problems, I don’t think its crashed once in the three months Ive been here, knock on wood. It would all depend on the type of projects you work on, but we do some fairly complex freeform surfaces.

another cool think about vista is the the “powerboost” feature. you can take all your random flash drives, plug them in and vista uses them as extra ram, pretty clever.