Visiting University of Cincinnati

Hello all,

I am a current high school junior, living in Northern Virginia. In a few weeks my family and I are making the trek to visit UC, at the tail end of my spring break. Unfortunately, that means we only have about a 2 day window to see everything.

After checking the website, I was dismayed to find there were no openings for 2 weeks to attend the DAAP Close-Up (full info session/tour). The day I had planned to go, March 28th, is fully booked. I just sent an email to the admissions office, hoping to find a work around, but am at a loss.

UC is my first choice, and in many ways seems a perfect fit for me (I am also considering enrolling in their summer DAAP camp). I would hate to miss out on this opportunity to get the full tour, as I will likely base my enrollment in DAAP camp on my impressions during my visit.

I know that many on this forum speak very highly of DAAP. Would any of you have any contacts who could give me more information about the program, if I am unable to attend one of the DAAP info sessions? I would love to talk to some students, current or former, and would very much appreciate meeting someone on campus.

Since I am somewhat new to Industrial Design, I am really hoping to speak to someone with experience in the program. I have read much of the official DAAP website and many online reviews about the program. However, being able to speak with someone well versed in the field or with the program would be invaluable to my decision regarding the school.

Thank you very much!