Visit to UC DAAP Oct 20th

UC Students!!

I will be in Cincy at the DAAP giving a talk and interviewing for an intern. If you guys want to work on some of the worlds largest brands in an upbeat fun environment less than 45 min from NYC, come on out and let’s see what you’ve got. Not to mention free candy. :smiley: I’m looking forward to it and should be a fun day. Hope to see you all there!


Aww I’m in NJ right now on coop… do you think you’ll be coming back for a spring coop student?

We have a current opening for a 6 month coop which would mean someone would have to do a double session. We are kicking around the idea of doing two 3 months, so maybe.

Ahh, out of town as well, would have liked to see the presentation!

Same here, not in Cincinnati this quarter. Love going to those presentations, always good insight into how different companies operate.

Kind of a funny coincidence all UC student who actively post are on the opposite section (Choto, Jurrasix, Ineo) I’m sure there quite a few who more who lurk and never post though.

FYI: If you hire a senior they wont be able to do a 6 month. Since they have to return in the spring to graduate.

Sad to hear. It would have been great to meet you guys. We are still working out the length.

Headed out to Cincinnati today and doing a presentation and interviews at UC tomorrow. Hope to see you all there!

It was a great day today at UC. Thanks to all the students that came to our presentations and everyone interest in our company.