Virtual PC


Does anybody have any hints tips or stories about running Virtual PC on MAC G4 laptops to run both Rhino and Solidworks?


Don’t know about laptops but on a tower, rhino works great. Solidworks is good except for the trouble with diagonal lines that are highlighted. They show as a series of horizontal lines. Other than that SW is good with solids, slows down a lot if you surface with it. Rhino surfaces and rendos fine, no lags. 1 or 2 key commands gets funky, like the “elevator mode”. Have to use a different key combo to get it to work. 3-d view zooming key com doesn’t work either, it’ll only rotate and pan, you’ll have to use the page up+down key for zoom. Other than those, works nice.
By the way, have a full load of memory. I think 512 is the max you can allocate to VPC. Also, these reviews are for VPC on OS9. don’t know how well it is on osx yet.