virtual interfaces

okay. started up on this a couple times. but wanted images to show. so i got some. these are from Doom3. clicking on thumbnails takes you to bigger pic on Imageshack.

opening video shows an interface screen for incoming vessel

In-game you can collect and access PDA screens for information (click here to see the device).

some of the in-game interfaces (code entry / machine control / security cameras / holographic displays

some object interfaces (monorail controls / tracked lift with screen for controls)

would have been nice to see joysticks and analogs. guess thats too much animating. and none of this is too new. e.g. Half-Life did the same years ago. but the quality is so much nicer. i’m wondering if this can be used for practical purposes.

and for kicks here’s the reactor room w holographic display. kinda big. but cool scene.

Thanks to ImageShack for Free Image Hosting

…Amazing. Have you been playing Doom 3?
The bad reviews kept me away, but damn if that isn’t one hell of an engine.

images above i took while playing. finished this weekend. not a great game. but not bad. engine is beautiful. the real-time shadows stopped me a couple times. only wish they had used higher polycounts on some characters. but the world is mostly very nice.

i looked up the interface stuff. not Flash. its a kind of Java-script language. not too complex. would like to make time to play w it.

btw, Doom3 for Mac just went gold.

big reason i support id over other game companies. OpenGL over DX.

looks like some Interaction Design types are playing w Doom3

“We are three students of the ‘University of Potsdam, Germany’. We developed in the context of the seminar “Nonlinear Media - Media Semantic” a Mod for the computer game Doom III. The Mod uses game data which are generated by player and gameengine during the game in interaction. From these game data metadata are generated. These metadata will be represent in different ways.”

Saw something that reminded me of this thread. Posted a blog entry on it. Might be of interest.