Virtual Industrial Design @ Loughborough, any thoughts?

Hi Guys,

I’m thinking of applying for the Virtual Industrial Design course at L,Boro (UK) and was wondering if anyone can offer me any experiences or opinions they have of this course?

I’ve had a brief interview and walk around at L’Boro and it all looks very nice, especially the new facilities being built, do the instruction, training and projects match the facilities?

I contacted one guy, who i found had done the course on his Coroflot profile, he sent a brief email saying not to bother and just work in industry, is this what people generally feel.


Do you have a link to this info?

Although theres not a great deal of info there.

Actually the course is Virtual Product Design not Industrial Design. I should have noticed that before now!

Again any option people have on the difference between Product and Industrial Design would be very much appreciated.