virgin vs. non virgin

would most men prefer to be with a virgin woman willing to experiment or a non-virgin with a lot of experience?

virgin for sure, you could tell her to do whatever, and she wont know anybetter :laughing:

Well, just looking at the number of people who viewed this post is interesting to me. I know for a fact that most of the people on this website are from the male persuasion. However, only one guy had the guts to reply to this post.

Hats off to that guy. I guess this just proves that most design guys aren’t that lucky in the female department. Maybe that’s why they are so into cars and shit.

Maybe the guest person should post this on a blue collar website. I’m sure those guys have more knowledge to share.

hillarious! Most women are so turned off by designers.

being a woman designer myself, i can only think of myself hooking up wit a design guy… so al u MALE designers out there… don’t b disheartened… there is hope (hope my fellow Ms. Designers agree!!)… n considering design to be a male dominated zone, don’t think u guys hav much of a choice… virgin or not!!!

Because they’re full of themselves or just don’t have time for a relationship? :laughing:

would most men prefer to be with a virgin woman willing to experiment or a non-virgin with a lot of experience?

This is tricky, it’s popular for guys to be all excited about being with a virgin, so at first it’s cool or something, BUT, there’s a lot of underlying shit there. (1.) most likely, they’ll be very nurvious and wierd about everything. (2.) sex will probably be a huge deal to them, rightly so, but there’s a lot of pressure there. (1 & 2) these aren’t a big deal if you in it for the long haul and you can see yourself with that person for a very long time, BUT, it’s a crappy deal if you fall in love with them, they’ll always be curious about other people (they didn’t expiereance enough), and they’re more likely to cheat. And god forbid your both virgins, then you’re both gonna cheat. This is a common problem i think, it’s hard enough knowing when you’re with the right person after being with many of the wrong people, let alone being with only one person, when they have second thoughs they haven’t had enough tiny dick to feel better about the situation. (3.) you’ll always be the slut, if you weren’t a virgin.

I would prefer the experienced chick, I’m a slut, and I feel I have a better chance with another slut. We could focas in on eachother more that way, and would have a better chance in the long run, AS LONG AS THE SEX IS GOOD.

The girl I’m with now has a crazier past than I do, but it’s all good, because I knew about it before we were together, and we can laugh about our past experiences together. Virgins can’t do that, they keep everyhting inside and one day end up in a Korean porno.

sorry so longwinded :open_mouth:

The fact that only one guy had replied might, as you say, mean that designers are not that successful with women, it might also mean that they don’t give a shit about the post, (but were just drawn to check it because of the subject title), what about that?.
I myself couldn’t care less but as I already started, I would rather be with a rich woman, maybe the daughter of a big fish in the manufacturing industry : ) (regardless of sexual experience that is)

oh yeah, and since when are designers bad with women, we aren’t geeks. All the designers I know are pretty cool actually, flippin’ business men without the tie. That’s a horrible and inacurate generalization. I’m a designer, and I’ve never had a problem with women, I love women, and they usaully don’t mind me too much :smiley: