Virgin Galactic's Spaceship Two

had to hotlink that video when I saw it… I am a total space nerd for that stuff

I saw a launch in person last year and it really was amazing… you should totally do it loafer. When I went it was a night launch, so at first it lit up the night light daytime, then as it went further and further up you could see it disappear into a little star in the sky. You would be surprised how fast it happens, the thing takes off and disappears into the sky in less than 5 minutes. Probably more like 3 minutes.

NASA really made some bad-ass stuff back in the 70s

that’s way better looking than spaceship one! the nose looks like a dolphin or something… kind of like a citation excel, but with space shuttle windows.

if this eventually evolves into commercial flight, i’d love to go toronto-hong kong or toronto-japan in 6 or 7 hours, instead of the 15-20 it takes now