Virgin Galactic Spaceship design

Check this concept visualization by SeymourPowell for Virgin Galactic spaceship flight. Nice rendering, but doesnt seem very realistic coming from a company the designers quote about “The design problem was a human problem first and foremost”.

Wouldnt realistically there be more focus on cramming passengers in? what about onboard luggage space? Would users realy be expected to wear the same tight bodysuit? How is the fat guy in seat 4c gonna fit?

Its nice to romantizice space flight (and airline flight), but it would be interesting to see a more realistic approach that balances real user needs and issues with the “cool” factor. For my part, the Pan Am space flight from 2001 Space Odessy hits it closer to the mark, with the usual tight seats and rows of passengers.


video and article here-


Why would there be luggage? It is up and down to the same spaceport- You are paying for that soaring view and zero G. THere are no plans for a space station dock.

As for the plus size crowd- that was my thought too. But again how many fat passengers taking up 2 seats do you see in airline advertising today? Not too many- Reality is not really an aspiration is it? Given the cost of the tickets I am surprised that those suits wont be customizable somehow.

Aargh, so much lens flare…
and they really should have rendered a motion blur on those turbine blades. As it is they just look bad.

Neat video though. I couldn’t tell if the seatbelt buckles were mounted on the body-suits?