Vintage Light bulbs

I have seen a lot of these old light bulbs recently in stores and restaurants and I really like them. Does anyone know a good source for these vintage bulbs and fixtures? I know it’s not “green” but I ride public transportation and carry a reusable bag to get my groceries so I’m allowing myself to splurge for the sake of interior design and warm light. :smiley:

I’m headed to FoundRe: in Chicago today in hopes of finding them. But additional suggestions would be helpful.

Picture 5.png
Picture 6.png

They are not really old. Most commonly called Edison bulbs. There are at least two companies that make them, one under the Edison name. Nice but not cheap, around $20/bulb.



Another good source for vintage style bulbs and fixtures is Rejuvenation:

Well now that I know what they are called I came across this cool site grass roots modern and a link to a DIY project that I am going to attempt.

In chicago, try Lightology. I don’t know if they have a lamp/bulb store, so probably call them first.