Vintage footwear illustration

Does anyone know any good resources for vintage footwear illustration?

Hi Waxy

I guess it depends what you mean by “vintage”. The first link below is pretty old stuff, like early to mid 1900s, etc. Pretty interesting stuff.

The other 2 links below are old Nike sketches, like 1980-90s from Tinker and other designers. Really fun stuff to look at too.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for these. The first link was closest to what I was thinking, but the other two are appreciated too!

I have to go through the first one more, but for anyone else who might know of something- I’m looking for images similar to the ones in the first link- but focusing more on classic mens’ styles (wingtips, oxfords, brogues, etc.)

Gotcha. Here’s a link to a google search for “vintage shoe ads mens”. Scroll through and I think you’ll find more of what you’re looking for.

Thanks again- I was having trouble finding stuff on google but maybe I was using the wrong keywords… A couple years ago someone lent me a book that had all sorts of great stuff in it but I can’t remember what it was called (and they are really hard to get in touch with.)

ebay can be a good place to look, search for shoe design or shoe drawings.